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Servicing your car regularly makes sure all of the vital elements are fully checked, ensuring your car is running at optimum performance and preventing small problems turning into big ones. Our trained technicians will complete all of the checks and updates to make sure your car is in premium condition. We service all makes and models of cars to keep you on the road and only use genuine parts so any warranty agreement is maintained, without the main dealer cost.

A regular service programme can extend the life of your car and avoid the inconvenience of a breakdown. When you come to sell your car, an up to date log book with a full service history will make it easier to get the best possible price.

Want to know what’s included in your car service?


Why do I need to
service my car?

Servicing your car ensures all basic checks are taken care of – see our checklist here. A regular service ensures your car performs to the best of its ability making it more fuel efficient and safer. You can rest assured that the key functions of your car are checked and maintained, any replacements are recommended where necessary and any potential issues are identified before they become more expensive saving you time and money in the long run.

How often should I service my car?

We recommend servicing your car every 10,000 miles, once a year or when the service light is displayed on your dashboard.

Will regular servicing help me sell my car?

Yes. Any new owner of your car, whether they are a private buyer or garage, will want to see an up to date log book. This tells them the car has been fully maintained and looked after.


Do you have a BMW or Hybrid Car?

Hybrid Cars &
Electric Cars

What is included in a service?

Your car has a road test and full interior and exterior inspection. Below are just some of the routines that could be included in your service. A full service programme will be tailored to your vehicle.


Seats and seatbelts



Check anti-freeze

Check and top up brake fluid

Suspension check


Fuel and engine oil

Check and top up coolant level

Replace engine oil and filter

Replace air filter

Headlights and indicators

Windscreen and Windscreen wipers

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