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Car Aircon

Car Aircon cleaning Leicester

If your Car Aircon is starting to smell less than fresh, we can clean it and improve the aroma in your car. After a while, bacteria can build up in the Aircon system making the whole car smell musty. Let us bring the clean smell back to your car with our aircon cleaning system and have odour-less freshness while you drive.

Car Aircon regas Leicester

We recommend a healthcheck on your aircon system every two years to keep it running efficiently. If your car aircon isn’t keeping you as cool as it should, let us take a look and if we think it’s necessary, we’ll regas the system and get it fully functional again.

Car aircon fault-finding Leicester

If your car aircon system isn’t working efficiently, let us know. With the latest diagnostics we can locate and identify the fault, repair the problem and get your aircon working again.

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Car Battery check Leicester

If you’re concerned your Car Battery isn’t working properly, let us check it’s fully operational. Not being able to start your car is a frustrating problem and usually occurs when you most need to get somewhere. We can help you with a quick diagnostic check and if you need a repair or replacement, our team of trained technicians will provide the right solution for you.

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Car Brakes Leicester

Being able to stop quickly and efficiently, whatever the weather, is an essential for safe driving. Brakes are examined in our Car Service but if you are concerned you need to get the experts at Mike Smith Cars to take a look.

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Car Exhaust and Catalytic Converter Leicester

If your Car Exhaust is noisy it may need some attention. It could be one of many things including a hole in the pipe, that it’s come loose or that there’s a problem with your silencer. Our expert technicians will check your exhaust, repair or replace only the part that needs fixing and make sure you’re safe and roadworthy.

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Car Bodywork Leicester

Whether you need a small job re-touching or a larger paint and repair job, we can help. Our experts in bodywork will take great care to make any necessary repair, match in the correct paint and leave your car looking as if it’s new.

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Car Suspension Leicester

Your Car Suspension should give you a comfortable ride but if you are bouncing over bumps or hearing a knock, then it may be damaged or worn. A faulty suspension system can affect your road safety through wearing on tyres, impairing braking efficiency and reducing road holding. Let us check your suspension and keep you safe.

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Car Tyres Leicester

Don’t drive illegally! You can be fined and get points for each Tyre and, of course, your car is unsafe and your ability to manoeuvre and stop will be impaired. We’ll keep you legal and safe, making sure your Tyres are the right ones for your vehicle.

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Mike Smith Cars has the latest dealer level equipment to handle all diagnostics needs including coding and programming.

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